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CONNECTIONS, the Canadian Institute of Management's (CIM) National Mentorship Program, is a forum where open and supportive mentorships can flourish, and where honesty and sincerity form the foundation of a great exchange.

CONNECTIONS is intended to serve as a great platform for peer-to-peer professional development, creating an environment of trust and credibility amongst CIM members. Our mandate is to inspire and foster the professional development of young, new, and seasoned Canadian Managers, providing all members with a 'professional' home for life.


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Continuous Professional Excellence in Learning and Development



For over 60 years, the Canadian Institute of Management has advanced careers and contributed to the field of management knowledge amidst changing times.


The Canadian Institute of Management is proud to introduce a pilot project effective June 1, 2009. Continuous Professional Excellence in Learning and Development (CPELD) will be incorporated to invite the CIM Professional Managers (P.Mgr.) to acknowledge their accomplishments in a constantly changing business environment. The Canadian Institute of Management has a responsibility to ensure that both the individual member and the Institute recognize professional development growth.


Professional Manager Members will benefit from fostering a “culture of excellence” through professional learning. By adding to our own skills and knowledge, we will advance ourselves and the management profession. Continuous Professional Excellence in Learning and Development (CPELD) leads members to the highest level of professionalism, both individually and collectively. We show leadership and commitment to advancing management by embracing the concept of lifelong learning.


The Canadian Institute of Management realizes that Professional Managers contribute in numerous areas of industrial, manufacturing, service and government positions of management. A wide range of personal growth learning will be acceptable for CPELD qualifications as long as it is related to management improvement or improvements to an individual’s area of expertise relating to their working environment.


The Institute invites its Professional Managers to participate in this pilot program. Begin reporting your professional development to the National Office ( using CIM Professional Development Units (PDU).


The PDU is a measuring unit developed to quantify approved learning and professional service activities.


One PDU is earned for every hour spent in a planned, structured learning experience or activity.


CPELD program requirements can be completed by the following guidelines:


Category 1: Receiving the P.Mgr. designation from the Institute
Category 2: Receiving additional designations from the Canadian Institute of Management
Category 3: Receiving designations or degrees for other educational institutions
Category 4: Professional Activities and Self-directed learning
Category 5: Attending seminars, conferences, workshops or study courses
Category 6: Volunteer Leadership to Professional or Community Organizations.


It's time to Reward Yourself




University of Manitoba Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies


The Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies (BAIS) is a NEW 90 credit hour degree program offered by the Faculty of Arts it has been developed in collaboration with Extended Education for working adults who have completed some post-secondary education and would like to complete an undergraduate degree.


The Bachelor of Arts Integrated Studies will allow you to:


  • Complete a university degree part-time, while working full-time.
  • Get credit for U of M certificates and degree courses you've already completed (e.g. CIM, HRM, CACE or FMA)
  • Choose from a variety of convenient course delivery formats (e.g. face-to-face, blended, online)
  • Select your courses from flexible schedules that suit working adults
  • Make an easier transition to university study.

Application information Bulletin



Please contact the Faculty of Arts directly at:

      3rd Floor Fletcher Argue Building

      U of M

      Phone: 474-9100

      Toll Free: 1-800-432-1960 Ext. 9100