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The Canadian Institute of Management


CIM is a non-profit association dedicated to professional development - Canadian Institute of Management Winnipeg

As a non-profit association, the Canadian Institute of Management is Canada's senior management organization dedicated to professional development. It was chartered in 1942 by a group of managers to increase opportunities for professional development.


The pace of change is accelerating, and with change comes the challenge to adapt and improve. Since 1942, the Canadian Institute of Management has advanced careers and contributed to the field of management knowledge amidst changing times.


As a member or a program participant, CIM informs and trains management professionals to be better prepared for the challenge of change.


Currently there are 16 chapters across Canada.


Vision Statement


To be a strong, progressive professional association that supports Canada's professional managers..


Mission Statement


To be the voice of Canada's professional managers by advancing interest in management excellence through education, certification and professional development.


Aims and Objectives


  • Provide a national voice on issues affecting the management process;
  • Be regarded as the authority on Canadian management developments;
  • Increase the awareness of management as a profession;
  • Develop and maintain educational and other programs consistent with the aspirations of our Membership.

Membership in the Institute is open to all those interested in management.


Since its inception, the Institute has helped over 55,000 managers develop a broadly-based education in management skills. The Institute's programs, available at many centres in cities across Canada, include:


  • National accredited study programs offered through universities/colleges
  • National recognition of individual achievement
  • Contact with practicing management professionals
  • Local branch activities and services including workshops and seminars

Code of Ethics


For Professional Members


  1. Is honest and impartial; loyal to associates, the Canadian Institute of Management, employer, client, subordinates and the public and is respectful of the personal dignity of all.
  2. Applies knowledge and skill to maintain high ideals of professional integrity and the advancement of human welfare.
  3. Promotes the competence of, and the public regard for, the profession, by respecting the reputation of the Institute and other managers.
  4. Supports an open climate for innovation and free exchange of ideas and encourages colleagues to give their best.
  5. Promotes the, principle of recognition for those whose performance make a worthwhile contribution.
  6. Neither condones nor engages in misrepresentation, unlawful practices nor brings discredit to the Institute.
  7. Fosters educational requirements in order to further the training, knowledge and proficiency of existing and potential management.
  8. Upholds the principle of fair and impartial judgement.
  9. Consciously avoids prejudice in dealings with all persons.
  10. Acknowledges that subscribing to this code imposes a shared obligation with other professionals to maintain these standards.